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DPInc Team

We build confidence.

With over 100 years combined experience, our Project Management team knows how to anticipate problems and provide solutions to keep our projects on track. We know what to expect as well as how to deal with the unexpected.

The leadership of our company includes:

Bill Dodson

Brian Whinihan

Eric Brock
Executive Vice President

Quinn Anderson
Senior Project Manager / Estimator

Jim Pirie
Project Manager / Estimator

Trygve Oye
Project Manager / Estimator

Vasily "Billy" Shadrin
Project Manager / Estimator

Ian Johnson
Project Manager / Estimator

Bill Chin
Business Development Manager

Marc Michalson
Project Executive

Michael Feldmann
General Superintendent

Linda McMaster
Project Administrator

Denise Estes
Accounts Payable

Connie Bailey
Administrative Specialist

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